Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Channel partner sales strategy: modern day best practices

Marketing is essential to increase brand awareness and products or services visibility. Over past few years, companies are investing money in partnership programs to build huge network of resellers, local vendors or channel partners. For instance, some organizations have hired third party representation to increase sales and also to penetrate local new markets. In addition, some companies implement effective strategies, best policies & practices to boost from existing customers. Hence partners play vital role in business expansion.
Best sales strategy for channel partners
1.     Build awareness: It is necessary to build awareness among consumers about company’s products or services. You can use press release, participate in public events, local or regional paid news, etc. In this way an effective distribution channel would be created.

2.     Physical marketing: In order to generate leads, organizations are spending money in various direct marketing strategies. Conduct different research activities to collect data as per latest trends & opportunities.

3.     SEO- Search engine optimization is effective marketing program which is used to rank website at top level in search engines. Apart from this, social media optimization, social marketing management, etc.

4.     Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are effective to build business in global business environment.

5.     Sell through partner – In this fast changing lifestyle, companies sell their products through third party vendors. It is cost-effective as well as best option to expand business.

Channelpartner India is providing exciting business opportunities; anybody can start business in new markets as well. For example, franchise consulting organizations can be established easily through partnership programs. At present there are only few franchise consulting firms that offer customized, quality and assured services. Technological advancements have impacted domestic as well as global marketplace positively. In order to generate maximum results, best practices should be implemented effectively, and efficiently to increase sales.

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