Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Channel partner opportunities across different geographic locations in India

The great challenge for newly established organizations is to create brand awareness & value and maintain a niche place in competitive marketplace. As per investigation, in India every year start up numbers has been growing but at few of them survives for longer time. Reason behind failure would be lack of infrastructure & financial support, insufficient branding, etc. Local government is also supporting but still lot of changes needs to be done. Before start any business makes sure you will connect to people from all age group irrespective of financial status. Many people who want to be boss of own business should focus on channel partner opportunities. Making decision for business in theory is easy but practically it would be complex due to instant certainties. You must take advantage of opportunities where risk involvement would be low.
How to choose location
It is easy to become channel partners. The franchise industry in India is growing rapidly and is projected to generate multibillion dollars in coming future. You can start own franchise consulting organization in any location. Connect franchise will provide website, tools & resources which will be helpful during initial set up. For example, if you want to work from any geographic location around globe the company will provide effective support.
Revenue sharing
Leads will be provided by organization or you can also generate it. After successful project completion channel partner will be entitled for some % of revenue. Currently, existing partners generate lots of revenues and has developed large network of professionals under them.
Services such as SEO (search engine optimization), SMO, digital marketing, website design & development will be provided by company. After become channel partner you will be eligible to sell those services. In addition, company also has food franchise brands like chatar patar, Box-o-burger & Andeywala that you can sell.

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