Sunday, 23 July 2017

How to enhance productivity of low performing channel partners

Partnerships with major stakeholders like employees, channel partners and management executives are essential to improve organizations growth and productivity. Performance of these stakeholders should be on upper hand to achiever sales target. Among all channel partners contribution is vital for organizations that sells primarily all products with help of independent partner or associates. For example, Channel Partner India is also depending on partners to sell products or services; these are working independently in different regions. There is no surety that each associate will generate same revenue, few achieve targets or some still facing problems to convenience customers. In order to attain desired goals and objectives everyone should work systematically. You can encourage all partners to generate business by following some strategies like:
Allocation of targets
Targets should be set as per channel partners ability and efficiency. You should analyse working capability and then allocate targets accordingly. In this way you can easily generate good revenue for company.
Indentified underperforming channel partners asked them to attain training program consistently to overcome troubles faced during interacting with customers. Training sessions should be productive and interesting.
Two-way communication channel is best to make strong relationship with stakeholders associate indirectly and directly to company. You can easily provide feedback to improve performance or associates may share problems faced by them through a smooth communication channel.
Management system
A central controlling system should be designed where all database related to channel partners are maintained. You can use software to provide feedbacks, online trainings and can fill gap between company and partners. Channel partners are also given chance to explain their viewpoint.
Incentive program
High productive channel partners should be rewarded with incentives. Even underperforming partners are also encouraged to generate great revenues by providing lucrative benefits and profit margins. Allow channel partners to develop new strategies to increases sales.

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